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Árvores na água
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Our story
It started when we got married...

When we got married in October 2017, we realized that our routines were going to be a challenge. Mariana worked at the hospital in São Paulo as a nursing technician, (Hospital Santa Catarina)


While Junior was busy working as an advertising image editor. The problem was that with this crazy routine it created a huge discrepancy in schedules.

Concerned about food, we were always the label freaks, we analyzed everything we were going to eat, we even went so far as to make our own pizza, our own ice cream, our own  own yakisoba, granola, our own everything.

Until one day, we looked at the label of a certain brand of chocolate bar and were shocked by the list of ingredients. There was everything in that list of ingredients, the least of which was cocoa, but isn't chocolate made from cocoa? So it is...

In order to make our own chocolate with few ingredients, we realized that it wasn't that easy, so we started researching and discovered the world of Bean to bar chocolates, that is, (from grain to bar) an acronym widely used in the United States.

​We were fascinated, not only by having the possibility of making our own chocolate, but also by the philosophy behind Bean to bar. 


So we decided to take a course and with all that going on we had the wonderful idea of creating our own chocolate brand, so that more people would have access to quality chocolates with very few ingredients.

The costs of starting our chocolate factory were enormous... but we didn't give up. 

Júnior sold the car, we put together a dim dim and bought the melanger, which is the (stone mill) to refine the chocolate and we created our own cocoa shell separator with PVC pipes and a vacuum cleaner.

In 2018 we set up our chocolate factory at home, in our living room to be more specific. 

But it wasn't enough for the chocolate to come out, we spent 1 year testing, yes, 1 year! 

The chocolate we make isn't good and that's why it took so long to get the first recipe right.